Scottish Housing associations get EV car club funding


Housing associations in Scotland have received over half a million pounds in funding for electric hire car clubs to allow people to rent low-emission vehicles.

The Scottish Government has invested £510,000 in the Plugged-in Households Grant Fund to support eight housing associations to procure the services of car clubs.

Launched in October last year, the fund supports housing associations in Aberdeenshire, Elgin, Fife, Glasgow, Midlothian, Aberdeen, Paisley and Orkney.

Transport secretary Michael Matheson said: "I'm delighted that this government has been able to provide more than half a million pounds to provide real alternatives to car ownership in local communities.

"This scheme provides potential car sharing solutions to at least 100,000 homes so that more people, including housing association tenants, will be able to experience the benefits of modern ultra-low emission vehicles at a fraction of the cost required to purchase or lease an electric vehicle.

"We have outlined a bold ambition to phase out the need for new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032.

"Like all new technology, we anticipate that prices for electric vehicles will drop over time, however, the benefits for air quality are so profound that we are taking steps now to extend access across the country through this scheme and many others.

"For those who feel they need to own a car, or those who are thinking of switching to electric, we provide significant support to encourage electric vehicles in Scotland.

"From interest-free loans for vehicles, to support for home and business charge points, there are many incentives to help people switch today."

Ellie Grebenik, senior programme manager at the Energy Saving Trust, added: "Plugged-in Households grant funding will open up access to electric vehicles across numerous Scottish housing association locations.

"Tenants, staff and the wider community can enjoy sustainable transport through the convenience of car clubs.

"The adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating all the time, supported by interest-free loans and a growing charging infrastructure."