Japan now has more car charging points than gas stations

It has been reported in Japan that there are now 40,000 charging points compared to 34,000 gas stations in the country.

UK leading the way in driverless car technology

A government review has found the UK is at the forefront of developing driverless car technology

Toyota tests technology to make hybrids even more efficient

Toyota is testing new technology that could make hybrids and other vehicles with electric powertrains even more efficient.


Dirty diesel doing damage

In the race to lower CO2, the adoption of diesel engines in fleets and passenger vehicles is partly responsible for an air quality problem which needs urgent action.

Top of the EV list

One third of councils across the UK have at least one electric vehicle on its fleet, according to a new study. But which councils have the most?

The EV forum for the North West

GreenFleet North West will allow fleet managers from the Merseyside area to assess whether electric and plug-in vehicles are right for their business

Who will drive our lorries?

As consumer spending on goods – particularly online – increases, so does the requirement for them to be delivered.

The ambitious Scottish biofuel landscape

Stella Allen from the Scottish Biofuel Programme explains how the country is using imaginative ways to convert waste products into sustainable biofuels

A move to electronic checking

Fleet managers should be aware that an electronic way to check employee’s driving entitlement is already available, writes the Association for Driving Licence Verification


On and off-roading in the Panda Cross

The new Fiat Panda Cross combines off-road functionality with the practicality of a city car, finds Angela Pisanu

Flair and function

With a reputation for innovative models such as the Traction Avant, 2CV and DS, Citroën marks a return to its engineering-led roots with the C4 Cactus.

Together in electric dreams

The Sinclair C5 was set to revolutionise the urban landscape and provide emission-free, personal transport. On its 30th anniversary, we take a ride in Sir Clive Sinclair’s first electric vehicle


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