Peugeot announces new brand for electric range


Peugeot has announced ‘MOTION & e-MOTION’ as new brand signature to accompany the transition towards the electrification of its range.

Adapted from the brand’s familiar ‘MOTION & EMOTION’ signature, which was introduced in 2010, the new ‘MOTION & e-MOTION’ will accompany moves towards a fully electrified range by 2023, as set out by Manging Director David Peel at the 2019 National Dealer Conference.

The new brand signature will be displayed alongside a revamped, 'electrified' version of the Peugeot Lion emblem at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Alongside the #unboringthefuture social media tag, the signature will be used for all the brand’s work during and following the show.

The tagline has already been used with the e-LEGEND concept unveiled last year, and will be used on PHEV technology to be introduced at the end of the year.

David Peel, Managing Director of Peugeot UK said: “Adapting the signature we have been using for almost a decade demonstrates how we are a brand that is sticking to principle qualities Peugeot is known for, while evolving to fit with an electric future.

“We have already seen some great progress on our road towards electrification with the likes of the e-LEGEND concept car, and the year ahead promises to be even more exciting as we stick to our ‘MOTION & e-MOTION’ mantra.”