One in five drivers would like to switch to an EV in 2019


Go Ultra Low research has revealed that almost one in five (18%) Brits would like to switch to an electric car next year, which is one of the top five most popular sustainable resolutions for 2019.

The research looked into how Brits are planning to go green this Christmas and their future environmental aims.

More than a third (35%) of Brits are worrying about their environmental impact this year.

The number of miles driven this Christmas is a concern for many. The average Brit will drive or be driven 108 miles over the festive period for activities such as visiting friends and family or dropping off presents. This means that the nation as a whole is set to rack up a collective 5.6 billion miles, driving around the country. Go Ultra Low says these individual distances can easily be covered in an electric car.

Of those concerned about their environmental impact, the most troubling issues in the run up to Christmas are the amount of plastic packaging used (72%), and the increase in household waste (63%).

The level of concern surrounding sustainability and the festive season varies between generations, with 43% of Gen Z (aged 18-24) concerned about their environmental impact compared to just 29% of those aged over 55.

The nation’s top sustainable resolutions for 2019, as revealed by the survey, are:

Use less plastic: 42%
Recycle more: 33%
Buy less: 24%
Stop using plastic straws: 23%
Switch to an electric vehicle: 18%