Engenie rolls out contactless payments


Electric vehicle rapid charging specialist Engenie is making payment fast and easy with the recent installation of contactless credit/debit card and Apple Pay terminals at their chargers.

With this method, customers are also protected by in-built financial security features.

For a short time from 19 March 2018, an Engenie charge will cost a flat rate of £4 (incl VAT).

Then from May 2018, with the release of new functionality on these best-in-class rapid chargers, drivers will only pay for what they use. There’s no connection fee or sign-up cost: simply tap and charge, and get back on the road.

The pay-as-you-go rate will be a straightforward 36p/kWh, which makes an average (11kWh) charge cost £3.96 (incl VAT).

The interim £4 flat rate is based on this average charge of 11kWh, calculated from Engenie recent charge point data. So if customers charge up with more than 11kWh during this interim period, the rest is paid for by the company.