90 per cent of fleets actively considering electric vehicles


E.ON has launched a new report assessing the current fleet up-take of electric vehicles and what organisations believe are the main barriers to adoption.

GreenFleet conducted the poll of its readers, on behalf of E.ON, and found that over 90 per cent of respondents were actively assessing the viability of electric vehicles for their organisation, despite some showing concerns over range and the charging infrastructure.

Positively, sixty-eight per cent of respondents already have some form of plug-in vehicles in their fleet (either full electric or hybrid).

Unsurprisingly, those not actively looking at electric vehicles cite range as the reason. However, when asked how far they travel, the average distance reported by survey respondents was 106 miles. This comfortably sits inside the range of many of the latest electric vehicles, such as the Renault Zoe (186 miles) and Nissan LEAF (168 miles).

This suggests that perhaps fleet managers do not know how far modern EVs can travel or are mistrustful that they will get that range in the real world.

Other barriers to adoption are cited in the report, as well as the benefits of EVs.

The effectiveness of the government’s Road to Zero strategy was also put to the polls, with interesting findings.

Find out the full survey findings by downloading the report for free at www.greenfleet.net/E.ON